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Beauty & Skin


Luxury Facial — 1 hour —  £32


This hour long facial is perfect for those who want to unwind completely during their treatment. This facial is adapted to suit the skin type and requirements of the client. It begins with cleansing the skin, followed by exfoliation, mask, facial massage, tone and moisturise. This treatment is perfect for giving your skin a lift and giving it some much needed TLC!

Thalgo Cosmetics facial

Thalgo Cosmetics is a world leader in marine face and body care, and

has explored all the riches of the ocean to extract vital active ingredients

including the original medically patented micronised marine algae.


These mineral-rich extracts together with natural fruit and marine acids, living plant concentrates, micro-thalgosomes and eco-friendly proteins form the basis of the Thalgo cosmetic skin care range, and act in total affinity with the skin. We offer you a wide selection of salon programmes renowned for their dramatic effects of revitalising, detoxifying, general firming

and toning.


For the lady in a hurry or for teenage skin, this is a rapid treatment to give the complexion instant radiance – includes cleanse, exfoliant and mask.


Thalgo Facials vary in price from £37 to £60


Available with Maureen Curran

Eye care

Eyebrow Tint — £5


Suitable for fair or sparse eyebrows – a great substitute for eyebrow pencil.


Eyelash Tint — £8


Beautiful eyelashes without the bother of mascara, it helps to enhance and lengthen the lashes. This is a permanent and waterproof tint that lasts 4-6 weeks, for use all year round and great for holidays.


Eyebrow Shape — £6 

(Please specifiy whether you would prefer Wax or Tweezers upon booking)


Lash & Brow Tint — £12


- Thread vein removal;

- Whitehead extraction; or

- Skin tag removal


15 mins — £20

30 mins — £35


Needle electrolysis is the only medically approved method of permanent hair removal. Only the insertion of a probe by a qualified registered electrolysist into the follicle will destroy the germinative cells that are responsible for hair growth. Maureen uses the market leading Apilus Computerised Electrolysis System to deliver a virtually pain free treatment that is proven to be faster and more effective that standard electrolysis.


All needles are sterile and disposed of after single use.


15 mins — £12

30 mins — £22


Neal's Yard Treatments

Neal's Yard Signature Facials


Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial— 1 hour —  £40


"Our rejuvenating facial uses our award-winning anti-ageing

products to intensely nourish, firm and tone the skin, smoothing

and reducing the appearance of ageing skin and fine lines."


Pure Radiance Wild Rose Facial — 1 hour —  £40


"This will leave all skin types feeling intensely nourished and enriched, with a firming massage and Wild Rose Beauty Elixir - infused with repairing rosehip oil and hyaluronic acid, for radiant, smooth skin."


Each of these facials begin with a deep cleanse, tone and exfoliation followed by a masque. Whilst this is working, your scalp, neck and shoulders are massaged.  Moisturising completes the treatment. Only Neal's Yard products are used in each of these facials, including creams, essential oils etc. Be sure to let us know upon booking that you would like the Neal's Yard Facials; your therapist will be able to recommend either the Rejuvinating Frankincense Facial or the Pure Radiance Wild Rose Facial depending on which will be more beneficial for your skin type!






2  hours — £70


This wonderful luxurious treatment commences with a 20 minute back massage using Neal's Yard essential oils to help you totally unwind. The facial follows, using all Neal's Yard products, beginning with a deep cleanse, tone and exfoliation.  A relaxing massage is then carried out of the décolleté, neck shoulders, face & scalp again using a range of oils. A masque is applied and while this is working foot reflexology is performed. Eye cream and moisturiser complete your facial. The ultimate pampering experience.





35 mins —  £45


Rose & Geranium Body Polish - gently exfoliating argan shell and rice powders, deeply nourishing shea butter, moisturising soya and cocnut oils and aromatherapy blend of precious rose otto, geranium and ylang-ylang leave your skin soft, nurtured and smooth.


Frankincense & Mandarin Body Polish - gently exfoliating cranberry eed and rice powders are combined with cleansing green clay, nourishing olive, pumpkin and hemp seed oils, and a tonigng aromatherapy blend of frankincense, mandarin and bergamot oils to soften, tone and smooth the skin.



Skincare Treatments

All the problems associated with ageing can be effectively combated with Cosmolight. Application of the light energy produces an immediate increase in cell activity which stimulates a dramatic increase in Collagen and Elastin.


It also increasses the blood flow, and therefore increases a supply of essential nutrients required for cellular activity and recovery around the body. Cosmolight is a totally holistic appriach to natural health and beauty.


The energy of Cosmolight enables your face and body to act upon their own Natural Healing. After your first treatment you will feel and look totally relaxed and glowing with vitality. All areas of the face and body can be treated.



De stress and detoxify your skin with our 3 Defence Oxygen Facial. This is targeted to protect the skin from everyday pollutants and stress whilst boosting radiance, youthfulness and giving high levels of protection against daily skin stress including free radicals and UV aggressors.


This is the perfect facial for those who are in the fast lane, city dwellers, smokers, frequent travellers or just about anyone!



The ultimate in Anti-Ageing Facial treatmenets. This 100% collagen velvet mask impregnates the skin with soluble collagen, bringing in deep levels of hydration to all skin types whilst feeding the skins own natural collagen fibre. The results are instant and the skin is completely calmed, plumped and glowing.


Great before a big night out, ideal for brides to be and essential after a sun holidy to rehydrate the skin. This is the perfect preventative treatment against wrinkles and fine lines.



A truly hydrating moisture treatment featuring active marine ingredients including the powerful hydtrating ingredient of 'Seve Marine' which is extracted from small green algae - Blindga Minima, containing remarkable hydrating properties. It can continue to survive for over 14 days without water and does not show any signs of altered metabolism.


This is combined with a unique mask that moulds to the face, infusing the ingredients straight to the heart of the epidermis. It helps to combat dehydration, and improves texture leaving your skin softer, radiant and relaxed.



A warm and deeply relaxing mask packed with extraordinary active ingredients all designed to treat dry to very dry skin.


Massaged for 20 minutes, the skin is then ready to receive the therapeutic warm mask which envelops your face infusing deep acting, lipid replenishing ingredients to the heart of the skin to restructure and repair it.


Relaxed and supple, your skin is radiant, transformed and nourished. It recovers an incredibly soft texture and comfort that it was lacking.



Ideal for all skin types especially oily and problem skin. This facial uses 100% marine natural algae containing vitamins, minerals and proteins, this facial stimulates and deep cleanses the skin.



This cold marine program is a refreshing, soothing treatment for high colour and broken capillaries. It encourages vaso-constriction and stimulation of facial blood circulation, oxygenates the skin and eliminates toxins. Formulated with White Georgian Clay, this cold marine has a tightening effect which smoothes and relaxes stress and age related living lines.



This is an ideal treatment for young or old, male or female and for all skin types. This treatment has proven effective for many conditions including:


Tired, dull skin

Congested skin with open pores

Acne prone skin

Deeper frown and lip lines

Skin discolouration and pigmentation

Stretch marks

Sun damaged skin

Pitted, post acne scarred skin

Scar blending and scar improvement

Skin blemishes from ingrown hair and

unclear complexion with blackheads




Chrono Detox Oxygen Facial

Collagen Velvet Facial

Hydra Moisture Source

Thalgodermyl Treatment

Bio Marine Warm Treatment

Seaweed Facial

Cold Marine Mask

Clearskin Microdermabraision

A facial that harnesses all the powers of the sea. It offers a trove of vital vitamins, minerals, trace elements and the purest essential oils that can revitalise, energise, refine the pores and rebalance oily secretions whilst feeding the skin deep down. Depending on your needs this treatment can be adapted to suit any skin type.



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Dr. Haushcka is highly respected and revered worldwide for its range of certified wholly natural cosmetics; the Dr Hauschka skin care products are  developed to support your skin to be in balance with its own natural processes, to achieve natural radiance.

Facial using Dr. Hauschka Products


Neal's Yard Ultimate Facial

Neal's Yard Signature Body Polish

1 hour —  £40


This rejuvenating, deep-acting facial treatment is Heaven for your skin. During your consultation the therapist will discuss with you the focus of the treatment in order to adapt the facial to your individual skincare needs. The overall aim of the treatment is to restore balance and harmony to the skin using the organic and completely natural products. The Gatelodge also sells a variety of Dr. Hauschka products.


Consultations for skincare products also available - 15 mins