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About counselling

At various stages in our lives, we are likely to meet difficult issues where we struggle to find the coping skills to manage. Often supportive family and friends are able to help us find our way. Sometimes however, the issue is too close to those around us, and so there is the need to talk with someone outside of our own circle of people.


Coming to counselling can offer clients a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space, where they can explore their issues within the safely of this unique relationship. Often, being listened to in that particular way, enables us to feel accepted and valued, and this is the beginning of the journey.  Because of the very nature of why clients come to counseling, there are likely to be times when the process may seem challenging and perhaps painful. Therefore, the idea of commitment both on the part of client and therapist in this joint venture is a vital ingredient, as together they invest energy, interest and trust in their task.


Alongside the challenging times, clients are likely to be able to acknowledge glimpses of their particular strengths and resources, as they pave their way towards finding their own answers, identifying alternative ways of dealing with their issues, and ultimately leading more peaceful, meaningful and fulfilled lives.



" I offer support to people to enable them to look at their past, including their childhood experiences, relationships and all events and traumas that have led them to where they are in their lives today.  Through talking, people can come to terms with past events and experiences annd recognise how these have impacted on their emotional health, their thought and behaviour patterns and their relationships throughout their lives.  This awareness will give people the oppurtunity to break any negative cycles and develop more positive ways to manage their emotions."


Issues which Kathleen can help with include; low mood, depression, post-natal depression, anxiety, stress, relationship/marital issues, childhood trauma, feelings of hopelessness and despair, negative or harmful thoughts, self-doubt, poor self-image, low self-esteem, anger issues, bereavement, physical abuse, sexual abuse


"The stars began to burn through the sheets of clouds, and there was a new voice which you slowly recognised as your own"            

Mary Oliver "The Journey"


Contact Kathleen direct: 07742066858

or email her on: kathleendohertycounselling@hotmail.co.uk


Kathleen Doherty  Hdip Psychoanalytic Studies, MA Psychoanalysis, Accredited Member NCS

Phyllis McPeake BSc Hons, HDip, MBACP (Accred)

In my practice, I believe in a non-directive approach based on my firm belief that you as a client are the best expert on your own life and situation. During counselling, I will aim to hear you completely and carefully, with acceptance and respect of your values, choices and culture. I seek to provide a safe and adaptable theraputic relationship, within which you feel listened and deeply understood.


My own experience has shown me that when people are met in this way, they will find within themselves an increased ability to move through difficulty and to eventually find their own way forward. I endeavor to be alongside you in whatever you wish to explore.


Issues that I have particular experience supporting clients with are relationships, family issues, adoption, low self-esteem, trauma, suicidal thoughts/behaviour, abuse and bereavement. I also have experience in working with those who have received a diagnosis of a severe mental health issue. I am trained and have experience working with autism, learning dissiculties, physical disabilities as well as being able to provide sign language sessions for the deaf and hard of hearing.


My aim is to try and make counselling something that is openly accesible to all. I can offer various times to suit modern day requirements, including later evening sessions up to 9pm, sessions on different days each week (if you work shifts or similar) and also some concessionary sessions - although there may be a waiting list for these.


Contact Phyllis directly on 07599 716 838 or email prmcpeake@yahoo.co.uk


Check out Phyllis' website for more information: www.forestviewcounselling.co.uk