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Mind Body Health Coach

Sarah Keeney: BA Hons - Clin dip NLP, Hyp & Life Coach; European college of Holistic Medicine & The Phil Parker Training Institue; qualified Lightning Process 2009 Member BIH


Sarah Keeney's sympathetic coaching model works by learning how to harness the body's ability to heal itself. The sessions make the possibility of lastig health and well-being a reality.


This holistic mind body approach comes from tsome of the greatest teachers and leaders in the field of personal growth and their innovative approaches; primarily NLP (Neuro Liguistic Programming) which works by infuencing the relationship between mind, body and language in order to shift the  body functions into healing cycles.


Block sessions make learning how to apply mind body health coaching very effective because the rate of change can be experienced within days.


Sarah Keeney, 'formerly trained in The Lightning Process®'has helped people move on from a number of ongoing issues and health problems including anxiety, stress, anger issues weight issues, panic attacks, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and chronic fatigue - 'which can often affect the healthy functions of the autonomic nervous system'.



Testemonial: Laura recently did a mind body health course here at the Gatelodge.


I suffered glandular fever/chronic fatigue syndrome fr two years and had to give up work in England to come home to my parents. I heard about Sarah facilitating a mind body health course to treat chronic fatigue conditions from an alternative meicine practitioner in Belfast.


On the second day of the course I swam 20 lengths of the pool. On the third morning I woke for the first time in a year without complete heaviness and tightness on and around my eyes and bounced out of bed at 7.45 am.


Now, three weeks later I can say that I am completely on the way to full health again through applying the skills Sarah taught me and it has been great to have her immediate support via email, text and phone contact and her follow up phone calls have been very useful.


In these 3 weeks, I have been able to build my swimming up to 55 lengths most days, I have been over to England two weeks in a row: one for a surprise road trip to Edinburgh and the other for a three-day music festival which I know I could not have done six weeks ago. I enjoyed both events fully, feeling clear-headed, comfortable and relaxed in my own body and full of energy.


I have also read a book for the first time in two years and I'm 300 pages into the next one. I have been able to walk more and further. I had a little blip when I unreasonably expected myself to be able to jog two miles, but after self coaching over a couple of days I built up my health and confidence again and I have even started to build a 1/2 mile jog around the block every day. I have been able to socialise with my friends and stay out until 10pm or 11pm at night.


It has completely changed  my life and I am full of excitement and confidence about my future now and pleased to be looking forward to going back to work.


Working with Sarah and applying the skills she has taught me has begun a complete turnaround in my life.



Contact Sarah Keeney on 00353 74 91 67258 or visit for more information