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Nail Clinic Prices

Gel Polish-£17

Gel French Polish-£20

Gel Polish toes - £15


SNS Extensions & finished with Gelous SNS colour - £35

SNS Extention Ombré - £40


SNS Gelous Overlay (over natural nail length) - £23

SNS Gelous ombre overlay - £25


SNS short infill, different colour - £23

SNS short infill, same colour - £20

SNS long infill, different colour - £30

SNS long infill, same colour - £26


Nail Art- price depending on design


File & Polish-£10

Cuticle Work-£5


Manicure with Normal Polish-£25

Manicure with Gel Polish-£30


Pedicure with Normal Polish-£25

Pedicure with Gel Polish-£30




Gel Polish-£5



What is SNS?

Signature Nail System (or SNS) is a relatively new manicure which provides extensions and strength to nails moreso than acrylic and gel extensions do! For those of you who are not familiar with SNS the benefits are listed below.














The process with the SNS nails involves a brush-on gel base, the nail is then dipped into the specific SNS powder. This process is repeated until the desired thickness of nail is reached. Then similar to acrylics, the nail is filed and shaped as desired and is then ready for normal or gel polish. The end result with SNS is much the same as acrylics, however the added organically-processed chemicals that are in the SNS products make it so much healthier for your nails than acrylics and gels!

vegan friendly

odour free

prevents damage to real nail



natural effect

healthy for nail beds

durable glossy finish


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