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"I AM a being of Violet Fire, I AM the purity God desires."


It was known to mystics and alchemists through out the ages; the violet flame is the transforming aspect of God's sacred fire.  The ascended Master Saint Germain is the adept who shows us how to use this fire to free ourselves and the world. This is a Divine gift.


You can make heartfelt calls to God to release the violet fire from your higher 'I AM' Presence to literally burn up the bad karma that blocks your progress both spiritually and materially.  Using the science of the spoken Word, you can use voice to invite the violet flame into psychological problems that go back to your early childhood hurts, or even your past lives. You can apply it to your troubled relationship, family problems, or use it on any health condition in your body that needs healing.


As these conditions are cleared, you'll be able to more freely express: love, forgiveness, and attract the good to you.  This includes a greater ability to attract prosperity, healing, and more peace of mind. The Violet Flame, is also grounding, and helps you to create more inner balance. The Violet Flame Meditation helps to remove your Karma.


Our Violet Flame group meets every Wednesday evening, at The Gatelodge; from 7.00 – 8.00pm.

Drop in whenever it suits!

No charge!

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About the Violet Flame Group


When it's not a good day

The purpose of this page is to offer you some encouragement when you are in the midst of trials and tribulations. I don’t have all the answers however through my own awakening, overcoming, and relationship with my own Beloved I AM Presence and the Angelic and Ascended Host, I have discovered some things that might be helpful when it’s not a good day. So if you ever face this kind of a day…here are a few things you might consider trying:



1. Take a moment and breathe deeply a few times while placing your attention on your heart. Remind yourself that your hearts own wisdom knows the answer to all you might be facing.


2. Try to relax, and whisper to yourself inwardly… “Let go, just let go and let God.” Be in the silence and ‘Listen’ while keeping your mind quiet. Say to the Presence and Voice within your own Heart… ‘Speak Lord’…and listen.


3. If mistakes have been made by yourself or others, affirm: “I forgive myself and all others for all mistakes we have made. I forgive and I am forgiven.”


4. Take some moments for YOU. Take a bath or go outside and walk, get some fresh air. Remind yourself that Life was never meant to be difficult, speak into your heart that you are making a new choice…a choice for peace, ease and grace in your life. Make a conscious choice to be at peace, peace with yourself, peace with others, and peace with God.


5. Realize that when something gets a hold on you and its difficult to let go… depression, worry or anxiety may have set in, that it is the ‘will’ side of your feelings that are holding these difficult emotions in place and gripping your attention. During these kind of moments, sit down, close your eyelids and try your best to visualize the most blazing white light inside you and all around you. See nothing but the most blazing light, keep visualizing this as much as you can for 5 minutes at a time and see if this makes a difference.


6. Reach out to a trusted friend who will be there for you to vent. Let them know you are not looking to them for answers, only an opportunity to vent, for in thisprocess, there can be a letting go.


7. Place your hands over your heart, communicate inwardly through prayer to the Master Jesus. Invite him to come into your heart and to have church with you and to help you heal your hurts and wounds. Be still and receptive once you have done this and hold your silence for a few minutes. Try this several times a day.


8. Remind yourself quietly that you choose peace over inner conflict, that you value the life you have been given and quietly affirm… ‘I say Yes to Life…how easy can it be when I say yes to life and life says Yes to me.’


9. Enter into prayer. Pour your love to your Beloved Presence and call upon your Presence and the Angels of Healing and Angels of the Sacred Fire to remove all negative emotions from your feeling side of life. Then enter into a Violet Flame Mantra for 10 minutes.


10. Make yourself active. Find something to do. Go and make a difference in somebody else’s life. Go and volunteer yourself with some charitable organization.


11. Have faith that all around us are Invisible Forces and Friends of the Light. Sit quietly for a few minutes and call upon Their help.


12. Remind yourself ‘There is always a solution, always! Relax and let go of the problem over to the Mystical Inner I that abides within your heart. Ask for help, ask for a solution. Then place your attention on something else, get on with your day, and if the problem comes back into your mind, tell yourself that you have handed the problem over to God, the Mighty I AM Presence, within and above you and that now you will hold your peace and allow the answer to come.


13. Remember, whether we see them or not, we all have Guardian Angels. Quietly in prayer, call out to your Guardian Angel to be with you, to comfort you and to assist you in whatever you seem to be facing. The Angels can hear our prayers. Do this a couple of times a day.


14. Know that our Creator Mother/Father God are Perfection and They hold us in the Innocence and Perfection They first created us as. Within you is a shining jewel of innocence that nothing in this world can change. Align and hold close to this truth.


15. Ask your Hearts Inner Wisdom: ‘What can I do? How can I move forward?’ Say to the Wisdom in your Heart: ‘Guide me in every step I take. See that I make the right choices. Show me the way forward.’



Akasha and Asun,